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Looking for software to manage and increase your sales of spare parts online?

Then you’ve found it! The software is called Bildem (Short in Swedish for Car Dismantling) developed by the Swedish Company Mätorit Data AB. If you have an auto salvage company, dismantler, car scrap, accessories business, workshop, refurbishing company or any kind of parts retailer than the Bildem program is for you. Your locally updated parts inventory are automatically updated on the internet. Try it for free?

About Bildem

The administrative program for all image mounts or other businesses that need effective inventory management. The program is available in two basic designs, and also in different versions depending on what type of vehicle you are working with.

Bildem is built with a tab system and drop-down menus and is very user-friendly. You may have started many functions simultaneously in Bildem. Of course, you can work in networks with any number of simultaneous users.

A small selection of what you can do

These are some of the things you can do in Bildem.

  • Storing vehicles
  • Store through your mobile
  • Storing parts
  • Sell parts
  • Administration
  • Communication

Some pictures from real life, taken on sight at some of our customers


An example of how it can look at the sales counter.

Workspace for storing

Using a patch printer and labels in PVC, you can easily mark up your parts.

Automatic storage system

Neat and tidy in order on the shelves using automatic storage.

Sell parts

Here, search for the parts you are interested in. Several search criteria are that the fastest way to get the right one.


Here, you store vehicles and measures but can also get different types of vehicle reports.


In this menu item, you can store parts, used parts as well as parts of vehicles, but also store new parts. We have also added the ability to store new parts with the stock number. You can choose to store with automatic location or entering the location manually. You can write dismantling lists, stock inventory and a number of different stock reports.


Here you will find the billing routine and also choice to change a delivery note. Accounts Receivable, reminders, interest invoices, credit notes and payments but also for COD. A variety of listing options, as well as exports to various accounting systems. Printing of various journals such as invoice journal, collect records, payment records and cash records, etc.


Here you can find your settings, but also to a variety of records and the account plan.


Bildem communicates with, among others, Laga and Bildelsbasen but also with InfoTorg and Bilvision depending on configuration options.

With Bildem the company has full control over the operations, ranging from the simplest order to the performance monitoring of each individual car or customer or user. To get the best possible service from us, you sign a maintenance contract. This includes support for Bildem, open weekdays 8: 00-16: 30, lunch 12:00-13:00. Mätorit is directly linked to all of our customers' computers, both in Sweden and abroad, which means that we can help you immediately. The maintenance contract gives you updates on the program of improvements and new functionalities. We cooperate with and and have made adjustments to all fields used in these sites. With connection to the Internet and a subscription to InfoTorg or Bilvision program can automatically import vehicle information from Central vehicle register, plus you can easily run any program updates. We can read the price lists from Galwin and Nordic Quality Parts, but also others according to your wishes. We also used a price list provided by and contains the lowest price, average price and the highest price of connected clients. The first version of Bildem came in 1988 and has over the years developed into one of the most sold and most powerful management software for warehouse management.

About Mätorit

Business idea

Mätorit Data AB shall develop and deliver functional IT-based system that streamlines the work in car dismantling companies and other industries where there is a great need for effective warehouse management, both in Sweden and abroad.


Mätorit Data AB shall be the leader of the independent providers of administrative systems for car dismantling companies and other companies needing to use an effective warehouse management system in Sweden and abroad.



Mätorit started in Upplands Väsby in 1985. The company was originally a pure building consult with the mission to various construction companies both in Sweden and other countries. As computerization began during the latter part of 1980's, became the focus more to that direction. From mid - 80-century-oriented, we are increasingly on the sale of data products to companies throughout Sweden. Mätorit was one of the first companies that imported data products manufactured in China. We began as one of the first to sell Acer in Sweden and we have continued. In fact, we sold the Acer already at the time that computer source Multi Tech.

Business system Bildem

We offer support, consulting, training and installation of Bildem business. Bildem is a complete computer software system for car dismantling companies and other firms that need a complete management of spare parts for various types of vehicles. The system is fully integrated with the Internet-based database of car parts, where customers can easily find used car parts from dismantling and other companies around Sweden. In Finland, they also have an Internet-based database for vehicle parts. Customers all over Finland can find their parts in this database.

Computers and accessories etc.

We work with most major suppliers and manufacturers in the IT industry. Acer, which is our first choice among the computers, we have sold since 1985. Vi sells preferably Acer computers and Acer laptops. We have chosen to sell HP's server, both Novell and Windows servers. We liaise with various suppliers of hardware, networks, software and services and develop the best options. From us, you have therefore always the possibility of buying all the equipment at good prices. In our webshop you can buy all types of PC products such as digital cameras, printers, scanners, consumables, computers, etc. We also provide this special industry custom equipment for image mounting rings and golf clubs such as different types of labels. Some examples are stock labels of PVC and paper, and Golf-labels on A4 for scorecard, handicap cards and address labels designed for use with GIT, Swedish Golf.


We are currently four people working on Mätorit Data AB

Qasim Afzaal who designs and develops the GUI that is what you as a customer will see.

Thomas Skörd who developing and programming the backend database, and communication in and around the product.

Stefan Gartz who developing and programming all aspects that has to do with current Bildem and also helping with support.

Kjell Axelsson who manages the daily plan and handle sales and purchases and support of Bildem.

The board

Peter Werner, Sollentuna Bildemontering AB

Lasse Eriksson, Erikssons Bildemontering i Ytteresse

Kjell Axelsson, Mätorit Data AB

Contact us

Mätorit Data AB
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+46(0)8 400 12700

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